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The Teachings Of The Bible Essay - 1220 Words

Every religion has it’s own set of rules that need to be followed in order to be considered a true believer which influences the thoughts of those considered to be religious. Should religion have the power to control the way someone’s mind should work? No person should enjoy the thought of being controlled by another person or concept. It is only logical that everyone chooses to be the person they want to be but with religion influencing what can be done and what cannot, the concept of thinking for themselves goes away. Every religion has their own way of doing things. For example, Christians follow the Bible. Islam has influences from the Quran. Judaism follows the Torah. Buddhism follows spiritual ideas based on teachings from scholars. There are countless religious figures and religious teachings that people believe in. The Bible has Christians follow the ten commandments. The ten commandments are a set of principles Christians follow in order to be a true worshiper of God. The Quran is the religious text Muslims follow as their source of faith. The Torah is the written teachings from the five books of Moses. Buddhists follow the teachings from the Buddha. Accordingly, every religion has their own book to follow in order to worship a higher power. That higher power has control over the minds of those who follow their practice. The principles each religion has, influences how a person should think of something without giving them the chance to realize if it is morallyShow MoreRelatedThe Teachings Of The Bible933 Words   |  4 Pagesto uncover to the teaching of the bible, the nature of Jesus Christ, or the purpose of his ministry. . The teachings of Jesus are seen through the bibles not directly but though different parables. In Jesus teachings, He uses parables to teach his people how to live their lives. He does this by comparing life on earth to the kingdom of God. To help people understand, he used examples of people in everyday life to base his stories on, so that the people to whom he was teaching could relate to whatRead MoreThe Teachings Of The Bible933 Words   |  4 Pageslistening to other perspectives can not only be possible, it may be advantageous to increase one’s knowledge. Rachel goes on to say, â€Å"I believe in the basic teachings of the Bible with nothing added and nothing taken away† (Abernethy, R. 2001). To have faith in the Bible one must be open to the growth of accumulated assimilations of its contents. The Bible alone holds many religious outlooks, we as Christians can learn from. By being closed off to other religious knowledge we are denying historical dataRead MoreT he Teachings Of The Bible983 Words   |  4 PagesBorn in church, the Bible has become a law book and a testament of salvation for all. Reading the Bible helps me to uncover God’s qualities through the human history and Christ’s life. The reason for the Bible is to have viewpoints about how to receive salvation; however, most will consider their interpretations of the Bible in their own way without crediting inspiration from God. The Bible written for each person on Earth shows the divine grace and mercy of God towards others. Paul’s writings areRead MoreThe Teachings Of The Bible894 Words   |  4 Pagespowerful bond so that we can get to know him better . The Bible is the account of God s action in the world , and his purpose with all creation .The Bible contains the message God desired . I believe that the Bible was written as a message to humankind to guide us in the right path to success. I believe the Bible is inspiration . It s inerrant and infallible meaning it s without error and unable to fail. The Holy Bible is the only accurate Bible from the word of God . It determines all the doctrinalRead MoreThe Teachings of the Bible506 Words   |  2 PagesThe presence of God in our lives is needed more than we may acknowledge. It doesn’t take reading the Bible every day or going to church every weekend for us to grow closer to God. Knowing His word and expectations of us, keeping faith in Him, and praising Him is what will bring us closer to Him. The Bible teaches us many things, the way God created man, how the world was created, how we should live, the sacrifices God gave and many more things. The book of Romans teaches us that in creation GodRead MoreThe Bible And The Teachings Of Jesus1491 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is suggested in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus? Whilst the bible does not specifically mention euthanasia, it does address closely related topics. Euthanasia is essentially killing out of mercy, hence the name ‘mercy killing’. The bible tells us that we are not to murder (Exodus 20:13) and any form of taking a life is seen as killing. It says that we die when God chooses us to, and to murder is an attempt to deny God his right of appointing death. Therefore, ‘mercy killing’ is going againstRead MoreChristian Life And The Teachings Of The Bible1243 Words   |  5 Pagespersonal beliefs. I am a Christian since birth. So all I’d like to talk about is Christian life and the teachings of the bible. Throughout my whole life, I have learned about spiritual things and what kind of spiritual things are in my ego. The spiritual values that I always have is love, hope, and trust. Love is an element that Christians value and have in their Christian mind and the bible says to love each other. I am doing my be st to understand this word throughout my whole life and it is theRead MoreThe Bible s Teachings On Sex1266 Words   |  6 Pagesexactly one way for Christians to express their sexuality — by staying abstinent until they got married to a person of the opposite gender. And then, you could have at it all you wanted. But what I wasn’t taught in Sunday School is that the Bible’s teachings on sex have been interpreted in many different ways. I didn’t know that the early Christians actually started practicing celibacy because they were convinced the end of the world was near. No one told me that marriage wasn’t always defined and controlledRead MoreEffective Bible Teaching The Authors Discuss The Merits Of A Bible1338 Words   |  6 PagesIn the book Effective Bible Teaching the authors discuss the merits of â€Å"topic and theme† and how we can use this to help prepare a bible lesson verses an essay. In this section the authors argue the universal principles of good writing, speaking and teaching and what the different handbooks say about composing a good essay. There are several different writing options such as picking a topic and then narrowing it to a specific thesis. Or doing the complete oposite and picking a broad subject and thenRead MoreTeaching The Bibl e : Interview / Book Reflections1899 Words   |  8 PagesJames Donley Teaching the Bible Interview/Book Reflections After speaking with Tarah, a Director of Children’s Ministry, I was able to glean a number of insightful critiques of today’s children’s ministry. Between the reading from class and our conversation three topics stood out; the watered down children’s gospel, the tendency to always tell children the story without letting them experience it, and the overall structure of children’s lessons and children’s Bibles. Gretchen Wolff Pritchard wrote

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County Profile on Shasta, California Essay - 1866 Words

Shasta is a county located in the northern California, and was established in 1850. The county was named after Mount Shasta and was derived from a name of an Indian tribe. Shasta County has a total area of 3,847.44 square miles reaching from the Sacramento Valley to the southern reaches of Cascade Range. This county is famous for its wonderful outdoor destinations. Many visitors were attracted by the county’s natural beauty, numerous restaurants, and a variety of shopping areas. In this research paper, I will discuss about general demographics and socioeconomic status of Shasta County breaking down into age and ethnicities. In addition, I will also elaborate on the public health services and programs available to individuals in this†¦show more content†¦In addition, child poverty rate in Shasta County is 25.3%, which is 2.5% higher than the average percentage of children poverty in California. According to the UCLA 2011, Adult’s Health Profile, the percent total of uninsured citizens between ages of 18 to 64 inShasta County is 26.5%, which had uninsured rates above the statewide average of 26.4%. The total insured citizens in Shasta County estimated to be 75%, access healthcare coverage through Medicare, Medi-Cal (California’s version of Medicaid for low-income people), employment-based insurance, or private health insurance. To be more specific, about 50.4% of total citizens are on employment-base insurance, 9.6% are under medi-Cal, and 13.6% are under other types of coverage. In 2014, U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to have health care coverage. Therefore, those uninsured must have access to health care coverage in any way. The Medi-Cal Managed Care system for Shasta County is the COHS Model (County Organized Health System), also known as the Healthy Families Program. This programâ€Å"administers a capitated, comprehensive, case-managed health care delivery system. This system has responsibilities for utilization control and claims administration and Medi-Cal covered health care services to all Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are legal residents of the county† (Department of Health Care Services, 2009). This model has been shown to be the most efficient Medi-Cal managed care model for improving patientShow MoreRelated_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pages Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis This page intentionally left blank Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis Third Edition Roxy Peck California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Chris Olsen George Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, IA Jay Devore California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Australia †¢ Brazil †¢ Canada †¢ Mexico †¢ Singapore †¢ Spain †¢ United Kingdom †¢ United States Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Third

Alberta Human Rights Commission

Question: Discuss about the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Answer: Introduction: Human Rights Association in Alberta came into existence in year 1968 under Mr. F.C Brodie (he was the secretary of Alberta Federation of Labour). In the starting time this association was suffering with a problem of lack of money but in 1971 the association got funds from Secretary of a state and became stable in year 1972. There were almost 200 members in the association by year 1972. Soon after the stability association was renamed to Alberta Human Rights and Civil Liberties Association (Alberta Human Rights Commission, 2017). The recent amendment made in Albertas human rights was on 11th December 2015. In the amendment it was made clear that gender identity and gender expression are protected so that people can be protected against these acts (Alberta Canada, 2014). Act covers all the human being residing in Alberta, including citizens and tourists of the state also. All of them are allowed to enjoy every human right which is written down in the act. Also it only applies to the person who respects the rights of other persons. This act does not cover the people having inhuman nature and also those who does not respect the human rights of other people. For example - terrorists, as they have inhuman nature and they do not respect the human rights of other people therefore they are away from their human rights (OHRC, 2017). Purpose and Overview The basic purpose of human rights in Alberta was to stop discrimination between people of the same state on basis of race, sex, color etc. The main purpose of the act is that it keeps every citizen of its state on same level either he is rich or poor. This act has bought a great change in Alberta and now here people feel safer and live more happily than they were before the advent of this act. Another purpose of the act is to make sure that all peoples of Alberta are given equal opportunity to earn for themselves and to live in a place and also to enjoy all the services which are for public in the country (Koshan, 2012). The main purpose of the act was to form Alberta Human Rights Commission. The commission was formed to carry out its function under the present act. The aim of the commission is to promote equality and to remove discrimination completely from the nation with the help of educating the people about their human rights which are given to them by the government (Ualberta, 2017). Key sections of human rights act in Alberta can be section 3 that is Discrimination re publications, notices this section talks about non - discrimination of people on basis of race, sex color, caste etc. (Cashra, 2017) . Section 16 that is Functions of Commission it talks about the functions of the human rights commission of Alberta and the main aim of the act was to establish the commission. Section 20 that is Who may make complaint under this section the people whose human rights are violated they can make a complaint against it. Section 21 that is Settlement of Complaint under this section the settlement of the complaints made under section 20 are there. Lastly section 22 that is Director power re complaint this section says that if the director feels that the complaint is without merit he/she can dismiss it. The enforceability lies down with all the people who are residing in the state of Alberta because these rights are available for all of the people of Alberta only. They are jointly liable for the enforcement of these rights (ACLRC, 2017) Employment related situations In a firm there were two employees X (male) and Y (female). Both of them were at same position in the office. They used to do equal amount work and their timing was also same. But Y was paid more than X. In the above case section 6 (qp.alberta, 2015) of the Human Rights of Alberta will be applicable which states that equal pay should be given to employees of both the sexes if they are doing equal amount of work. In the above situation rules and conditions stated in section 6 arent followed by the firm; as we can see that both X and Y was paid differently in spite of their same work done. Here we can see that there was clear discrimination on the basis of gender between both the employees by the firm. This is total violation of section 6 of Human Rights of Alberta. In a public bus the driver didnt allowed a black person to sit whereas all other people were allowed to get inside the bus. In that bus only white people were allowed to travel. In the above situation there is clear violation of section 4 of the Human Rights of Alberta which states that No one can stop anyone from using any public goods, services etc. till they are available for everyone on basis of caste, race, color, gender etc. But in the above mentioned situation the person was not allowed to sit in the public bus because of his color. There is a possible risk if the act is not properly followed. A complaint can be filed under heading Enforcement of the act from section 20 to section 45 against the person who is not following this act. And further actions can be taken by the courts in such matters. References ACLRC. (2017). Human Rights law in Alberta. Retrieved from Alberta Canada. (2014). Employment equity and human rights. Retrieved from Alberta Human Rights Commission. (2017). Commission newsletter. Retrieved from Cashra. (2017). The Alberta Human Rights Commission: fostering equality and reducing discrimination. Retrieved from Koshan, J. (2012). The Alberta Election and Human Rights. Retrieved from OHRC. (2017). Housing and Human Rights in Canada. Retrieved from Qp.alberta. (2015). Alberta Human Rights Act. Retrieved from Ualberta. (2017). What are Human Rights? Retrieved from

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Social Construction of a Serial Killer Essay Example

Social Construction of a Serial Killer Essay Final Essay: Social Construction of a Serial Killer By: Kristin D. Cole Professor A. Major Deviance and Violence The social construction of a serial killer can consist of many different behaviors, thoughts, and actions that play out over time. A serial killer in my opinion is one who acts out on his or her impulses. Impulses that are usually made up of fantasies that the individual cannot separate from reality. Most serial killers come from abusive homes and experience traumatic events throughout their lives. I believe that due to these events and abuse serial killers can detach their self emotionally from not only their victims but from what society deems normal. â€Å"A large number of serial killings are motivated by sexual urges, and with female serial killers, a large number of the killings are motivated by financial gain† (Hickey 1997, p. 27). There are many different theories and thoughts they may help to explain serial killers and there murders more in depth. For instance the social structure theory, a theory that focuses on individual’s socioeconomic standing. This theory explains that poor people commit crimes to try to further their financial gain along with their economic standing. I think that this theory explains a lot of criminal acts that occur. I do not think that this theory pertains to every serial killer since it has been shown that most serial killers are not motivated by financial gain. I do however think that it explains quite a bit about our female serial killers. Since a large majority of female serial killers are motivated by financial gain this theory falls right in place. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Construction of a Serial Killer specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Social Construction of a Serial Killer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Social Construction of a Serial Killer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer One female serial killer that comes to mind is the â€Å"Black Widow† or Lydia True blood. Lydia was from Pocatello, Idaho and at the age of nineteen met and married land owner Robert C. Dooley. The couple shortly after being married welcomed a baby girl named Lorraine. Everything seemed well until the death of baby Lorraine, soon after her death Lydia’s brother in law who was living with them died as well. Then in October 1915 Robert suddenly died as well from what was believed to be Typhoid. Two years after the death of her baby girl, brother-in-law, and husband Lydia married again. Within a year and a half her then husband William McHaffle died from what was thought to be complications of influenza. Being the quick mover that she is, Lydia at the age of 25, married again. Harlan C. Lewis, husband number three died four months into the marriage from what was suspected to be complications of gastro-enteritis. Next, would come Edward C. Meyer a ranch foreman from Pocatello, Idaho. Unfortunately, for him he would only survive with her for one month. Thankfully after four dead husbands someone finally took notice and tested the body where they found traces of arsenic. After they discovered that Edward was poisoned the rest of the bodies were exhumed and tested as well. All came back with the same answer, poison, even the body of her dead baby girl. Authorities went to arrest Lydia but she was long gone, living in Hawaii with her fifth husband Paul Vincent. Lydia was taken into custody and found guilty of all of the murders. She was sentenced to 10 years to life in prison. All of her killings seemed to be motivated by financial gain. Lydia took out life insurance policies on each and every one of her victims. With each husband her social status increased and so did her finances. This was a case where a girl that came from nothing used murder as a tool to get where she wanted to be. Even though the social structure theory does not cover all serial killers there are the exceptions. (Hickey) Another theory that is looked upon to explain serial killers is the social class theory. The social class theory is the thought that most serial killers fall into two classes the upper working class and the lower working class. Leyton, the author of â€Å"Hunting Humans,† then states â€Å"that the killer starts to feel excluded from the class that he or she so desperately wants to join†. p. 23) Leyton also points out that â€Å"the killer’s perceived social status becomes a catalyst for murder†. The killers that fall into this theory want to feel power and control. This is why in most serial murders the victim is a female and the killer a male. Male serial killers will victimize women because they appear more powerless then other males. (Caputi 1989) I am sure that there are sexual motivations behind male serial killers choosing women as victims to. The social class theory is a theory that I feel describes most serial killers. Even if the cause is not being cast out or excluded from a group, the result is still the same. With most serial killers not all, they seem to prey on the weak. This is why a large amount of victims of serial killings are children, females, even homosexual men. The killer would not receive the same gratification from the killing if he did not feel empowered. I believe with victims such as these they probably begged for their lives or gave in to the killers demands quite quickly. This would give the killer the motivation, gratification, and fulfillment that he or she was searching for. The social process theory is another theory that states that criminal behavior is a function of the socialization process. The theory states that anyone regardless of race or socioeconomic status can partake in criminal activity. This theory explains aggressive criminal behavior through one’s past or childhood. Albert Bandura’s book â€Å"Aggression† (1973) provides a lot of information that covers the social process theory. In earlier studies done by Bandura he noticed that boys that were especially aggressive had feelings of rejection from their fathers. What I gather from this theory is that children who experience violence and abuse within their home are more likely to grow u and act in the capacity. I strongly believe that children are a product of their environment. Even though I know of no father/son team serial killers, the fact that issues have always been handled in one’s life through violence it only makes sense that they would continue that trend into adulthood. The neutralization theory is one the Matza and Sykes (1957) view as the process of delinquent youths becoming criminals as a matter of neutralizing heir personal values and attitudes as they drift between conventional behavior and illegitimate behavior. This theory states that illegal behavior or killing is almost a learned behavior that a killer can drift in and out of. Under this theory a serial killer will justify his killings as though he did a favor to society. An example would be a serial killer who only kills prostitutes. The killer would look at the p rostitutes as a drain on society and criminals who spread disease and have no respect for their selves. This is how the killer would justify his actions and he or she would truly believe that no harm had been done. Dehumanization is another process that serial killers use and falls within this theory. Dehumanization is the process of ridding another of the benefit of his humanity. The process in my understanding is the ability for one to separate a human from life. For instance Henry Lucas who admitted to multiple murders never wanted to know his victims names. If he was told the victim’s name by the victim he would quickly try to forget it. By the victim having a name he could not separate her life from her. It is almost like by her giving her name she had an identity and he would then not be able to commit the murder. This process seems to be a little deeper than the rest to me and has to take a very different mindset to understand. The social control theory is one that I truly agree with. The social control theory states that the fear of punishment is not enough to deter a criminal from committing crimes or for a murderer to not commit murders. Briar and Piliavin (1965) believe that the only true deterrents for any criminal act are society, family, and education. I think that religion might act as a deterrent as well, but that’s me. Reckless (1967) has argued that â€Å"youth can become isolated or insulated from criminal influences through what he terms â€Å"containments,† including a positive self-image; ego strength; high frustration tolerance; goal orientation; a sense of belongingness; consistent moral front; reinforcement of norms, goals, and values; effective supervision; discipline; and a meaningful social role†. Hirschi in 1969 added four different elements to the social control theory. The four elements are attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. People who have attachments to different organizations such as school or church are less likely to partake in criminal activity. People who have commitments such as marriage or careers are also less likely to partake in criminal activity. The same runs true with involvement and belief. If someone was involved in different positive activities the less likely they would be to commit a crime. Like I said before religion or belief I would think would be enough to make a person think twice before committing a criminal act or better yet never think about it at all. The labeling theory, the last of many theories that, we have gone over. The labeling theory is the theory that once someone has been in a prison or mental institution they will always carry that label with them. Before they could come out and start over there would be many hurdles that they would have to overcome due to a prior mistake. Lemert (1951) and Schur (1972) viewed negative labels such as â€Å"ex-convict and mental patient† and noted that these labels could be psychological damning. Since these labels can be so hard for many to overcome they will just revert back to their olds criminal ways. Many of them mad at society and feeling unaccepted will look for ways to even the score. Sometimes unfortunately this will lead to murder or worse serial murder. All of these theories that we have explored can relate to one or more serial killers. Hirschi who seems to be coming up with new information and insights into the mind of serial killer just might provide new and innovative information. For right now no matter what serial killer falls under what theory I believe the only way to truly understand the mind of serial killer is to be one. Unfortunately for the many theorists that have study this subject that is an option that is just not available. On the other hand it seems to me that each one of these theories has opened a new door inside the life and mind of a serial killer. I think there will be many more advancements to come and hopefully one day we will truly understand and know what to look for before it occurs. References: 1) Eric W. Hickey (2009) Serial Murderers and Their Victims Published By: Cengage Learning 2) P. Jenkins (1994) Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial Homicide Published By: New York: Aldine de Gruyter 3) Hickey, Eric (1997) Serial Murderers and Their Victims, 2nd edition. Belmont, CA: Published By: Wadsworth Read more: Serial Killers world, body, life, history, rate, time, person, Characteristics of Serial Murder, Characteristics of the Serial Killer http://www. deathreference. com/Py-Se/Serial-Killers. html#ixzz0d8Thiofd 4) Levin, Jack, and James A. Fox. Serial Murder. In Deadlines: Essays in Murder and Mayhem. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2001. 1)

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How Baking Soda Works - Cooking Chemistry

How Baking Soda Works - Cooking Chemistry Baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder) is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) that is added to baked goods to make them rise. Recipes that use baking soda as a leavening agent also contain an acidic ingredient, such as lemon juice, milk, honey or brown sugar. When you mix together the baking soda, acidic ingredient, and liquid youll get bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. Specifically, the baking soda (a base) reacts with the acid to give you carbon dioxide gas, water, and salt. This works the same as the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano but instead of getting an eruption, the carbon dioxide fizzes to puff up your baked goods. The reaction occurs as soon as the batter or dough is mixed, so if you wait to bake a product containing baking soda the carbon dioxide will dissipate and your recipe will fall flat. The gas bubbles expand in the heat of the oven and rise to the top of the recipe, giving you a fluffy quickbread or light cookies. Waiting too long after mixing to bake your recipe can ruin it, but so can using old baking soda. Baking soda has a shelf life of about 18 months. You can test baking soda before adding it to a recipe to make sure its still good.

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Artificial Intelligence in Facebook for Psychology- myassignmenthelp

AI is the short form of Artificial intelligence. It is a process of giving the machine mostly computers the ability to almost reason like a human being (Cohen and Feigenbaum, 2014. 00). It is done through the use of codes in programming. One of the major languages known in this field is the Python programming language. AI has brought major boosts in the IT industry in the current world. There are very many applications using AI that are used on the websites and other social media Companies like Facebook. It uses human reasoning to respond to question which a person can’t even notice. AI has simplified a lot of things, and it is a great deal in the software development field. AI can be used in all fields, medicine, agriculture, technology and construction (Hutter et al. 2014. 80). The content, however, deals with AI being in the technology field most important in Facebook. Facebook is a multibillionaire company that has helped people in terms of communication and business. People all over the world can send messages to each other, and it takes seconds to send and receive. People have seen such a platform as an opportunity to improve their business in terms of marketing strategies. They are using it to sell and resell products and services. Some have earned a fortune from such a Company which has free registration. AI being introduced in such a Company can really help improve services to its customers and go on being the best social media platform in the World. There are various ways and fields in which AI can be implemented in Facebook. In such a platform, there is the need to have a support area where customers with needs can get their feedback within seconds. If there is something that people hate is a delay. An AI application are integrated into the platform, which will be replying messages and calls from the customers and give the immediate feedback. That’s is one of the major applications of the AI which can really boost such a company. In Facebook today, people log in through email, usernames and passwords. These methods are somehow not secure. The data in a person’s account should be protected because even the law states so. People can guess other people’s emails and passwords, get into peoples profile and take or see whatever they want. There is the AI application which is a face or eye recognition can be reinforced together with the speech recognition. The AI’s working together with the logins can make the platform more secure. There is an AI applications which is used to detect fraud. The information in the Facebook database for every user is important. Through the use of AI, if the application detects a login from a different locations, or any other suspicious thing, it can send an email or text to the original and known user to inform him/her. In case it was not the user doing such an action, there is a link to follow to increase the security of the account. When Artificial Intelligence is introduced and implemented in a Company like Facebook, there a lot of merits that can associate with such technology (Nilsson, 2014. 00). People using Facebook platform will always be served at a very fast rate without delay. AI are even faster compared to human beings, and still, they are developed using human reasoning. One AI applications can serve a great multitude of customers which is not the case to one support agent. Speed matters in social media platform. The platform will be user-friendly. One of the reasons why software’s and applications fail is that of user unfriendliness. If the platform if friendly, then the number of users increases. One of the important impacts of AI is security. All AI applications are highly secured. People need assurance that the accounts and data can never be available to another person at any given time. The speech recognition and the rest can make the Facebook platforms more secure compared to the use of p asswords.   There are a lot of advantages that come with AI application in such a Company (Russell and Norvig. 2016, 00). One, the number of customers served by the applications at a single time cannot be possible if one is using a support team. Their users will love the responses and time, and then more users will love the platform increasing the number of users which increases the profit margins. Facebook management will also not incur the cost of hiring thousands of employees to work as support teams hence reducing expenses. Facebook main problem is data security. That’s why people use their platform since they are assured their information is secured. AI helps in boosting the security level (Bond and Gasser, 2014. 00) There must be a demerit in everything since nothing is perfect. The applications can lead to unemployment, and sometimes they fail due to functionality error (Spiro, Bruce and Brewer. 2017, 00). In conclusion, AI in Facebook can act as a major boost for its growth. The Facebook platform can be secure and fast in service delivery. Unemployment can be a problem to the general public but an advantage to the management . Bond, A.H. and Gasser, L. eds., 2014.  Readings in distributed artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. Cohen, P.R. and Feigenbaum, E.A. eds., 2014.  The handbook of artificial intelligence  (Vol. 3). Butterworth-Heinemann. Hutter, F., Xu, L., Hoos, H.H. and Leyton-Brown, K., 2014. Algorithm runtime prediction: Methods & evaluation.  Artificial Intelligence,  206, pp.79-111. Nilsson, N.J., 2014.  Principles of artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. Russell, S.J. and Norvig, P., 2016.  Artificial intelligence: a modern approach. Malaysia; Pearson Education Limited,. Spiro, R.J., Bruce, B.C. and Brewer, W.F. eds., 2017.  Theoretical issues in reading comprehension: Perspectives from cognitive psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence and education  (Vol. 11). Routledge.

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Irish and Early American differences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Irish and Early American differences - Essay Example Ireland again was called Ireland in 1922. English colonization of America started in 1607 and soon these were established throughout the Americas. English American colonies got enmity with Spanish American colonies in the fields of military and economy. Different sorts of colonies were established like charter, proprietary and royal colonies. These colonies were granted independence in 20th century after the American war of independence (Burke 56). Colonization of America was based on certain motives. There were economic, religious and political motives. English colonization of Ireland and then of America were two different experiences in terms of nature and type of people, land and religion. Greater emphasis on these aspects will be laid in following paragraphs. England sent its forces in 684 C.E to carryout raids on Ireland for booty and captives (Kenny 47). English colonization had an aim of supremacy over the complete island. It was very difficult for English rulers to keep contr ol over the entire Ireland. Edward Bruce of Scotland invaded Ireland in 13th century with the help of Gaelic lords against English lords but he could not succeed. This war resulted in devastation of human and animal life on the island. Irish lords regained control over their lost land ultimately (Burke 79). After the war, plague arrived in Ireland in 1348. English people suffered heavily as they were living in the villages and towns of Ireland. Gaelic culture and language again prevailed in the region after the disaster of plague. Therefore, English control got limited up to pale. Adoption of Irish language and customs by Hiberno- Norman lords helped in strengthening Irish hold over the land (Canny 580). After the plague, Norman lords always supported the local Irish people in political, economical and military conflicts with England. English lords faced many difficulties in holding the land and making Irish people captives for slavery. Henry VIII decided to conquer Ireland in 15th century. Kildare was the most famous Irish ruler in 15th century who was open in rebellion activities against the England (Kenny 55). Henry wanted to capture Ireland with a view to minimize the chances of any future rebellion activities and for avoiding any external aggression in future. After the hard and bloody conflicts Henry got control over the Ireland and by the end of 15th century, successfully made it a kingdom. English lords always faced hard time whenever they decided to convert catholic Irish to protestant religion. Brutal and difficult methods were adopted by King Henry but he could not succeed in converting the religion of Irish people. This policy of the king increased hatred in the Irish people against the English rule. Two periods of civil war in Ireland caused huge destruction to Irish catholic land owning class. Catholic followers of Irish land took a major rebel against English rule and killed thousands of Protestants. Crownwell re-conquered Ireland in 1649. This was the bloodiest conflict of Irish history. Land was confiscated from Irish Catholics and was handed over to British settlers. (Kenny 78-79) Irish hatred against English rule increased due to economic situation of the Ireland in 18th century. Agricultural products were being exported and domestic consumption such items were not allowed. Cold and dry spell of 1940 killed about 4 million people due to